Hi my husband who's a recovering alcoholic started drinking again. His excuse( its festive season) he is being rude and swears a lot in front of our 3 year I just feel like packing up and moving to another country , I can't deal with his drinking anymore, on top of that he demands that we have sex every single night- and day on weekends, I just don't feel like sleeping with him anymore cause he treats me like crap, any advice ?


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Im a stay at home mum, we live in Johannesburg, my family in cape town, I can't really kick him out when he's paying the rent (LOL) I've been trying to get a job but it's hard

Michelle - posted on 12/09/2012




If it was me I would leave. You and your children don't deserve to be treated like that.

Do you have anywhere that you can go? Any family or friends? If not then kick him out.

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