Hi my name is emma...well i have 4 kids, 1 is from the guy im living with and the other 3 are from somebody else...i have to many problems with my ex because he doesnt help me me in anything he says he will but he doesnt...his mom is always in every problem we have she tells him what to do..i want to fightfor custody but im scared of losing fhem..because i cheated on him got pregnant of the other guy and left with him..but he was never home he was always on the streets doing drugs..he was doing crack..and about amonth he supposely changed..i dont know what to do im really scared of losing my kids


Jessica - posted on 07/16/2012




Hi, although I don't have any legal back ground or training I don't think you can loose your kids because you cheated and left with your child. Does he ever see his child? is he still doing drugs?

The judge wont generally take children away from the bio mother with out a good reason. Court is a scary place, but unless there is a good reason as to why the child should be with his dad and not you and he can prove it, I think your pretty safe. He might get some visitation but if you can prove that it would be detrimental to your child the judge may not give him visitation, or might wait till he is clean.

I hope this helped you, even a little bit.

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