Hi my name is Karen I have a 19 year old daughter, she moved into her own place is September of 2011, the house is own by her grandparents and is a stone throw away from them. Also her Aunt and uncle live two stone throws aways. She was making life very difficult at home and we thought this would be a go thing, help her to grow up. Well it turned into a nightmare. She had two jobs was good girl. Then she met a guy 21 no job never had a job, likes to party and does drugs, Just the kind of guy every parent wants their daughter to get involved with, NOT! Well she had a party at her house and one of the grandparent rules no drugs, no alcohol and no one sleeping over. At 2pm in the morning her Aunt was woke up and she seen 5 guys walk into me daughter house, she woke her husband and they went over to make sure Trinda was ok. Well they found 8 guys 30's to age 17 and 4 girls 17 to 19 all drunk. Need let to say the party ended. Next day Trinda was kicked out of her home. And she spoke to her grandparents and aunt in a language that is so unexceptable. She came home for a few days and with a monster of an attitude. She moved out with in three days cause she didn't want to live by rules. Moved in with a friend for a few days and then with another friend Then got kicked out of there came back home for two weeks. Still wouldn't follow rules like let us know when you will be in at night some nights she just wouldn't come home. She has a car that we invested in with her it's in my name. It's not good in the snow and the last snow storm she slid into a parked car go lucky no damage to anyone or anything. She is on our insurance we told her if it is bad out she not to drive the car. Well we had another snow this weekend and when she went to leave not for work mind you I told her she should take the car out. She told me to go to Hell and mind my own. and left. She has two pomeranin dogs that we made the rule if she is not sleeping at our house then she is to take the dogs with her, they are hers and her responsibility. Well she came back to the house at 11 that night grabbed her dogs and said she was leaving again. Her dad told her the roads where to dangerous with her car not to take it She throw the key at us told her dad to mind his own f'n business. Said she rode back with a friend and good luck finding our car. and she was gone . Sunday evening she called her dad putting all these demands if we wanted to find the car. He hung up on her and wouldn't answer anymore calls, She texted him several times be would not come home and discuss this. Monday came we still had no idea if the car was wrecked or where it was. Left with no choice we call our local police. They informed her, she had 24hrs to get the car back to us or they would put out an arrest warrant. We have the car back now. I dont know what to do any longer. All we want is her safe and making wise discussions. To get away from these party people that are just no good for anyone.


Michelle - posted on 02/08/2013




I think you are going to have to show her some tough love. Don't allow her to come back, she's using your place like a hotel when she runs out of other places to go. Make sure you don't give the car back to her, it's in your name so legally is yours.

She needs to learn that things don't get handed to those that don't follow the rules. Hopefully it won't take her long to figure it out.

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