hi my name is leizel, i have a two children but the father of the 2 children went to go back to the philippines but never come back anymore since 2011 and i have a son 8yrs old from now and my daughter is 7yrs old fom now and my son same my last name but my daughter she is different last name and but the reason is my family is planning to vacation to the philippines and i went to go to the imbassy passport to get a new passport with my 2 children and i have got passport with my son and i have a big problem to my daughter i cannot bring my daughter go to the philippines with me i contacting a father and the facebook he said he needs money from me and he said he wants a $3,000 from me and like i said i dont have money and i dont have big money like that and i have a jobs but i work part-time only and he like he said if i am not give to him a money $3,000 dollars he never gonna do the sign a consent form and that's why i am here to need opinon to how to apply moms raising for children to abandoned to his father.


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Jodi - posted on 11/29/2014




It probably depends on where you are. However I know that here in Australia we can go through the courts and present our case to get permission from the court.

Michelle - posted on 11/29/2014




You need to speak to a lawyer.
You may be able to get around it since he's in another country but get proper advice first. We don't know the laws where you are.

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