Hi my name is Mary I need some help on a issue I have been having at a school here in the Dallas Tx area. I have made so many complaints to the staff but due to them being such a close net group of folks they will only listen to their own. Here's what I have been dealing with. On 02/22/2013 my child broke his ankel at this school. I am told by the staff there's no way they will help me with his doctor bill. On the day in questioning I did not get a call from the school warning me his ankel was broken. No one bother to walk him out of the building to warn me. No one called to check on him.. NOTHING. On 03/18/2013 my son came home crying he stated he sat at his desk all day with no help doing his class work. He can't read he's in speical-ed his 504 letter that was given to the school on the first day of school states all of his needs. On 03/20/2013 and 03/21/2013 my son was made to clean the schools restrooms. No I did not give anyone the permission to clean at anytime. The teacher is saying my child wanted to clean up on his own. If this is true why is crying and begging me to ask her not to make him clean the restrooms? Thet didn't even provide him with any gloves. On 03/20/2013 once again he cried telling me a student pushed him he stated he did tell the teacher but nothing was done about that either. I have e-mails after e-mails begging this school for help. Can someone tell what to do?PLEASE


Mary - posted on 03/22/2013




I am so sorry I was typing and crying at the same time. I messed my questions to you all. Please forgive me. I am so new at this. The sentences I messed up was WHY WAS MY CHILD CRYING IF HE WANTED TO CLEAN THE RESTROOMS? THEY DIDN"T BOTHER TO GIVE HIM GLOVES. Each complaint I have the staff at the school always tells me OUR TEACHER"S WOULD NEVER DO SUCH A THING. THESE TEACHER"S ARE THE BEST. OK.. RIGHT...

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