Hi my names is Melissa and I could do with some help please , I've a 3 1/2 year old boy and he is my only child I sent him to playschool last September he had just turned 3 that week and he was settling in we'll until the Halloween break and it all went down hill after that :(( , I was receiving notes home in his journal that he wasn't mixing with kids and sitting down for his activities and a lot of one to one was being done with him ,the notes were still being sent home and in December the school asked me to send him to the early intervention centre so I did . The teacher did up a report which I was very upset about a lot of contradiction was in it she said my son had no emotions like sad or happy and her conclusion was he is very affectionate to staff he either has no emotion or he has . The early intervention reviewed my son and said he didn't qualify for the programme in January . I went to school and showed her the letter I received and she had a shocked look on her face and didn't say anything . The notes are still coming home that my son wouldn't sit for activities and isn't making friends when all he does is tell me who his friends names are and what the do in school he is a very active boy knows his colours and shapes potty trained since 2yrs and walking since he was one he goes to bed at 7.30 and wakes at 8 and eats great. Today I went to school and she asked me to stay back and she said she is keeping a log on him and wants to discuss where we go from here I just looked at her and said why like he had great 2days this week and I told her I've privately booked a psychiatrists on 24th this month just to see what's what and she agrees that's good but she is expecting her baby in April and her next thing was if my son docent pick up by aprilmi should consider taking him out and send him back in september and he could be a different child but I don't want to take him out last 6weeks of school she said for a break but I think it's because she due her baby and the have to teachers left and can't handle all kids like he has all summer for a break oh I don't know what to do so she left it that we go to the psychiatrists and c what she says and review in April but I don't want to take him out last 6weeks he loves it.


Dove - posted on 02/13/2013




If he's been evaluated and is fine.... I'd be looking for another school. This school seems to have targeted your son for some reason and it looks as if nothing he does will satisfy them. Definitely keep the appointment on the 24th for your own peace of mind and to let you know if there ARE any issues that need attention, but I'd be looking for another school to put him in asap. A bad experience with teachers at this young of an age can have long lasting effects on a kid.

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