Hi my near 17 year old boy whom which I had always had an awesome and very open relationship. He has gone back out with a girl for the 3rd time ... Twice ended badly on his behalf, We had many trips to the Dr's and psychologist. He fell into a form of depression. He so wasn't a happy boy at all. Now he's gone back out with with full knowledge that we all myself ,his father grandmother most of his friends warned him not to do. Anyway I punished him taking his iphone off him and his Car which is making it hard for him to get his driving hours up. I just know how badly its going to end. I just wonder wether i'm doing the right thing or not?


Ashley - posted on 10/30/2012




most teenagers are going to do the opposite of what there parents say, especially when it comes to dating. so, maybe you should be supportive of this relationship, and before you know it, he will see with his own eyes why it is not good.

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