hi, my son does not speak a word, he is 33 months old. his hearing seems to be fine , because when I switch on the baby tv he comes running from other room. he does not respond to his name as yet. he indicates to me that he needs water by giving me cup. he sings in his own language, sometimes even screams happily. but he has not spoken even one word till now. do I need to worry?


Holly - posted on 11/23/2013




You are right to be concerned. It's true all children develop at different speeds in different areas, but he should have definitely been saying at least a word or two by 12 months. I'm not sure why you waited so long to consider if there might be a problem, but I'd call his pediatrician ASAP and ask to get I'm seen by a specialist. Early intervention could get involved and help him. Good luck!

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