Hi my son is 2 years old now. My docter advised me to stop bottle habit. I started doing it for one month. but i am struggling lot to give him milk.wen he look at me with cup of milk he runs away from me. but for one month i never showed the bottle. one day he suffered with fever and he has not taken any food properly. and he was crying much because he was hungry but he is not taking milk from cup. that night i took bottle and gave to him he happily drank. now i am totally confused. i dont know weather i did right thing or not? plz help me?


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Holly - posted on 12/06/2012




milk is actually HORRIBLE for kids who have a fever.... the milk eventually curdles in the stomach.


tell him he needs to help donate the bottles to the babies... take him somewhere to drop them off (or if you have a pregnant friend, you can drop them off with her. have him drink with you sometimes, and buy him special paper / plastic cups with characters on them. Let him drink from your cup, he will enjoy feeling like a big boy.

Jacinta - posted on 12/06/2012




Yes he is two you are doing the right thing by weening him of the bottle my boys have had a zippy cup for about 5 months and they're 2 they were hesitant and didn't drink for it at first.Unless there is any medical reason if he is thirsty he will eventually drink from the cup just stop going back to the bottle because now he thinks if I don't drink from it for long enough mommy will cave and give me my bottle.Take away the bottle all together and tell him he is too big for a baby's bottle and that he either drinks from the cup or not at all believe me my boys only lasted 2 days before drinking happily from it!

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