hi my son is 6 and he is unable to consertrate for long, he is a bright boy he is hard of hearing and his school says i need to emprovew on his conserttation and get him to listen when he is in croup time at school he is a loving boy, i also have a 3 year old and i find it hard can anyone help


Tara - posted on 10/10/2011




Has the school even considered that maybe he IS trying to listen but is having a hard time because he is hard of hearing and there are a lot of other noises around him in the classroom? Both of my parents are quite hard of hearing now and I find that if there are a lot of background noises they really have a hard time hearing - my mom has said that they lip-read a lot more than they they initially thought, so maybe your son is lip-reading a lot to help fill in the blanks for what he isn't actually hearing.

The only thing I can think of is that he try to sit where he can see his teacher very clearly so that he can focus on what they are saying easily, and to make sure that when his teacher is talking he watches them closely - he may be lip-reading more than he thinks and that might help.

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