Hi! Name is Teresa. Daugther just turned 3yrs old and boy her attitude is worse than 2!


Jodi - posted on 01/17/2012




Terrible twos is SUCH a myth.....I found 3 and 4 were the ages at which the kids pushed the boundaries a lot more. They really were 5 or 6 before all that discipline and teaching finally pays off :)


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Yes, I hear you. My son went from terrible twos to even worse threes. The good new is ... it does get better. As long as you remain solid in your methods of teaching and discipline, your little one will learn. My son is now 5 and the improvement is his behaviour is great. I didn't do anything special, just remained consistent and waited for him to learn. As he got older his maturity would grow and just like the flick of a switch he would grasp the concept. He learned how to deal with his own frustration in a more "spectator-friendly" way. These kids are "a work in progress" and the way they are now is no real indication of who they will grow up to be.

Keep Smiling :-)

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