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I am actually Mom of four, but my teen is 15,Joel. My other 3 kids are 3,2,1. My fourth is a god-send, but also busy with highschool and growing up. My other 3 babies are from my Husband and they are the ones who present the challenge. I love to bits, no doubt...but oh my word, EXHAUSTED a lot. It helps that my 3yr old now goes to a child care centre 3 days a week. He is happier too. While I was pregnant with my 4th, ( but 3rd in this relationship,gawsh, I complicate things :P ) people warned me...there was this known struggle with three. I just thought they were being negative...who says this stuff when you are expecting another precious bundle....but I admit. It has been much harder than I expected. Infact...I never forsaw how tired and how emotionally draining it can be. I guess its made harder by the fact that my loving & supportive family live overseas :( My mother in law is way to busy for us, & lends a hand sporadically when it suits. I honestly have felt depressed and alone for a while. I have always been so strong and kept myself going with positivity, but the pressure of this and trying to run a home, just seems to overwhelming. we also moved far away from my Church community. Whenever I said Im struggling I would get things said to me, like treasure these moments they go far too soon...sometimes I wish they would. Waking up to screaming kids, who need their nappies done, breakfast a fresh change...and to be entertained, Im often sweating after the morning and often going without breakfast. Its like being on a treadmill of crazy, the housework...gets undone. Having said all this, I honestly try to create happy moments...just every now and again I feel at breaking point, mostly when we all get sick . Does anyone else also do this mainly by themselves...( I have a loving hands on Hubby, but he leaves early and arrives lateish from work). Please peeps with older kids of 3...TELL ME IT GETS EASIER!!!!

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