hi there i need some help?

Sommer - posted on 04/26/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




how do i stop my 4 yr old from hitting me and biting me and kicking me and scathing me and calling me really really bad names?


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Louise - posted on 04/27/2012




Where has he heard these nasty names? Normally lashing out like this is a learnt response, sometimes from an older sibling or peer. How you stop it is by being firm with him. make a safe area in your house like his bedroom. When he is becoming out of control then warn him, if he lashes out straight to the safe room and shut him in. Ignore him until he has calmed down. This could 5 minutes, or 15 minutes but he will calm down. Then get down to his level and tell him that hitting, name calling biting and kicking is not nice and he will come to this room every time he does it. Always tell him how to handle the situation that lead to him lashing out and end the conversation with a cuddle.

You really have to get tough on him because if he bites another child at school he is going to be either expelled or removed from class and taught alone. It is not acceptable to injure another child.

Please dont spank him because you are then giving him mixed messages of don't hit but I can! Stick to the same disciplin every time. All you are doing is warning him he will go there and then removing him from the situation. It is very important that you chat with him afterwards. If you try this method and still have no luck then find a behaviourist that will be able to help you with managing his anger.

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