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Alphradezsa - posted on 08/12/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi guys! My name is Alphradezsa, but you can call me Lexi (My middle name is Alexius). I found this group online in search for some camaraderie. I've been in a funk for sometime now. Im 27 and live in Virginia Beach, VA. I got divorced almost 3 years ago. About 5 months ago I met this amazing man who is great with my son as well. My issue is that I have no friends. My son is 6 years old, so the women I run into with the same-age children are way older than I am. The other women that I do converse with at work who are my age don't have children and I have noticed that I don't get invited to stuff because everyone assumes I cant get childcare...which is about 80% of the time...but it would still be nice to get invited ahead of time so I can at least see if I could make it out. At least I would know they would want to hang out. I dunno. Another thing: I come from a military family so all of my other few friends are spread out over the world. My previous relationship was so long and mentally abusive I am realizing that friends were put down the drain for that entire 10 year time span....ughhhh....Any tips?

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