Hi this is kinda strange for me cause im a stay at home dad my wife works all the time i ended up loosing my job before our son was born so we decided i would watch him not a prob im housebroken do laundry vaccum i have taken care of babys before lol. Here is the prob my wife gets home and he screams he is about two this is really causing prolbems bewteen us i blame myself she says he hates her is this a common issue or a isolated one i really need help


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Thanks Amy i have tried that when she gets home i stay out of the way letting her have all the time with him i go hide out in the garage. He get into things that he normally wouldent. He also has two older brothers one 15 and one 16 he is mean to them and to the pets argg its so hard to deal with i just wanted to make sure its somewhat normal its been a long time since a baby was running around guess i dont remember if my older kids did this but when he does scream i feel like my teeth are gonna fall out lol thanks for the help

Amy - posted on 10/28/2012




It's very common for kids to prefer one parent over the other. There are times when my kids want me and not my husband, even to get them a drink they'll freak out and other times it's reversed. Then when their grandparents come to visit neither of our kids want ANYTHING to do with either of us and freak out if we try doing something for them. The best thing to do is ignore his behavior and let him know that sometimes mommy has to do stuff for him too. You can also try giving time to the two them alone so that they can bond without you being there, he may be upset initially when you leave but he should calm down within a couple of minutes.

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