Hi .....this is regarding something that hurts me vey deeply.......since my daughter was born I hv been her primary caregiver....she cried in the hands of other ppl even her dad n I just died erythng for her . Still do......shes now almost two and late,y she's been misbehaving with me as soon as there is a third person with us.....be it anyone. She woven pushes me away n tells me to go .....it just breaks my heart n I noe that ths might jst b normal toddler behaviour but HOw do I deal with this....u just get angry n cry ...n yes I do go away wen she tells me ...howdo I deal with this? How should I be reacting ? Wat response do I. Give her. Ishel even hit me whenever a third Enron s around. I love her so much n I don't noe y....I just don't want to push her further away .....please help.


Monica - posted on 01/25/2013




You are treating her like a princess instead of a child..If you keep giving into her and doing everything she says it will only get worse till you make changes...I dont have experience with my own child because I had set rules and expectations from the beginning yes I give in once in a while but thats it.I have seen friends give everything and do everything for there child.You said when your child pushes you and tells you to go who is the parent.At a time like that you should be saying no Im not going and pushing is not acceptable and putting her in time out..Right now you are showing her 2 things one that she can push you around and also bullying gets what she wants wich in your home may be the case but she will find out othet places thats not acceptable

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