hi . would u like to help a teen ????

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hi i'm 14 and i don't know how to convince my mom to buy me a phone .
i spended millions of dollars from calling her cuz i need her all the time and i tell her everything soo whenever i'm going mith my friends or doing something i call her and whenever a teacher doesn't come i tell her that i'm coming home early that day and when she tell me what do you need it for i tell her that but she still say no for 4 years .
please help me moms from all around the world i'm getting crazy over here .....


~♥Little Miss - posted on 03/04/2013




This site is for mothers to discuss parenting issues, connect, and relate to one another. Not for teen agers to seek advice about getting a phone. Locking this thread.

~MoD Little Miss~

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