hie moms. I'm a mom of three kids, my daughter aged 22years and two boys aged 12 and 10. i wish l could make a small party for my boys in December for the first time in history. it might sound weird but its true..i have spoken to them and they need Spiderman and superman. Dear moms can you help me to make this party happen by hepung me where ti get the stuff for superman and Spiderman or any one with left over stuff to help tis dream come true. Thank you.


Michelle - posted on 10/13/2016




No, people won't comment through your email when you post here. The whole idea of a forum is that you post a question and people reply in the comments.

In answer to your question, it would help to at least know what country you live in. This is an international site so if you want people to let you know where to get things, a country is a good start.

So, without knowing where you are I would suggest looking in a $2 shop/reject shop or something like that. Even some department stores have party stuff.
This isn't the place to ask people to give you things either, so don't expect "donations" as that's against our No Soliciting policy.

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