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My child is under weight and need her 2 gain weight or they are going 2 her a feeding tube and I really don't want that can some help me


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How old is she? Is she on solids? Does she have any food allergies? What are you feeding her now? Any idea as to why she's not gaining weight? Need to know those things before I can give good advice...but in the meantime -

If she is on solids: Mash up some sweet potato and avocado together - avocado is high in good fat and the sweet potato is high in nutrients and will make it taste good. Also, it might pay to get some red meat into her if she is 6.5 months or older. I cook up some beef mince (ground beef) and then puree that and add some mashed pumpkin and a little bit of a weak tomato paste. Do not add any salt and avoid using garlic or onions. The red meat will have saturated fat and will be good for her iron levels too.

Fruit is good because fruits high in vitamin C (such as oranges) are very important for iron absorption, but I would give her bananas more than other fruits at this point as they are high in calories. Other fruits are high in a type of sugar that breaks down quickly, so aren't the best for weight gain.
If she doesn't like straight banana...try mashing it with some apple or pear.

Home made peanut butter is also popular (store bought is not ideal as it is very high in salt and other preservatives - not good for babies) but be careful not to give babies peanuts if there is a family history of peanut allergies. Give a small amount at first, then wait a day to see if there is going to be a reaction. Same with eggs - they are very high in calories and mashed egg makes a good baby food, but again...be careful of allergies.

DO NOT do any of the above if your baby is under 6 months or if you suspect your baby to have allergies to any of the foods I have mentioned. Also, it is recommended to introduce one new food every TWO days to make sure they will tolerate that food, but I give my girl something new pretty much every day. It's up to you and how well you know your baby.

Make sure that if your baby is less than 1 year old that you are still giving her breast milk or formula. Babies get MOST of their nutrition from breast milk and formula feeds until they are about 9 months old.

Good luck!

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