High demand family :( what to do?

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I'm a FTM, SAHM and my LO is 4 months. Been married 1 year (yes, our DS is a 'honeymoon' baby). It has been a hard 4 months. Colic, now teething, little to no sleep for me. My husband works hard, so I have been the one to get up at night. I havn't really had a break & he seems to think it's 'easy' to stay at home with the LO. I cook, clean & take care of my DS. Exhausted, he tries to get 'cozy' with me @ night. I feel like I'm treading water to stay alive. Is this what it's like?!? My LO just screams @ me & DH thinks it's easy. If others have this problem, what do you do? I know it sounds silly, but I'm at a loss. thank you for your help


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When reading your comments above, it sounded like a flash back from 4 years ago for me. I can assure you, these feelings are very normal. Do you have family around? or a trusted friend or neighbor? I will tell you as a mother of 2, it is VERY important to take a little time for yourself. I struggled with this constantly, and truthfully, had a ton of guilt even asking for someone to watch my little guys for this. But my counselor at the time told me that I needed to do it, it would make me feel better, more relaxed, and in turn help me to be a better mommy. I wouldn't be so overwhelmed, impatient, or short fused. Take a hot bath, lay down and read a book for an hour, paint your toe nails, draw, or whatever it is you are interested in. Do this about 3 or 4 times a month. I think it might help a lot. And daddy can "watch" baby too, don't forget that. He might just appreciate the quality alone time with baby, form a deeper bond. I hope you get through these feelings soon, and congrats on the marriage and the baby! It will get better!

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