high fever 104+ for 12 days and no help!

Elizabeth - posted on 11/11/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




My almost 3 yr old has had a fever which peaks nightly around 104+ underarm. He has had it for 12 days now except one day in which he was normal temp, which of course was his follow up appointment from the er visit in which we were told its pointless to bring atoddler in for ahigh fever. (104.3 at the er) his dr had started him on amoxicillin but he broke out in hives and started throwing up with diarrhea. We were sent to the er told he was probably allergic to amoxicillin and he was given a shot of a different antibiotic along with something(the name escapes me) to counteract any allergic reaction he might have. He was started on a new antibiotic to take at home and finished the dosage but that was almost a week ago now. He is still suffering from a high fever nightly, is easier for me to monitor during the day but still throws up when his fever spikes. He's drinking lots of fluids and eating a little. I am giving him ibuprofen every 6 hours and Tylenol when ican't get his fever down. Ifeel like nobody is helping me like they should, it's been 12 days of this now and I'm worried about giving him so much medicine for so long and why here still has afever after this long. Has anyone else encountered a Relentless fever in their little ones like this? Should ikeep just waiting for it to go away? Iam making another apt with his dr tomorrow but iam scared nothing will come of it..

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