High functioning autism

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My son is 26 months old now. Me and my hubby were concerned about his speech delay. When he was 14 or 15 months old he used to say 5 6 words. Used to do byevbye. Flying kiss. Gradually it started to decrease.

The pediatric psychologist told us it could be high functioning autism. But did not give any definite opinion since its too early. They suggested us an aba therapy. Its taking so long to start.
Meanwhile im acting like crazy. Searching madly about autism. Suspecting my childs play. Relate it to autism. I dont know what's happening. Im feeling guilty. My son never pointed at things. He never listened to us,followed the directions,responded to his name. He plays with his toys greatly. Make eye contact. Plays hide and seek. Always smilling.

Please can anyone here help me. How do i play with my child. How do i make him point to things. How do i make to respond to his name. How do i tell him call me mamma.


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Good Lord! If I had a nickel for every mother here who thinks her kids may fall on the spectrum because one doctor made one comment, I could retire tomorrow. If you child has a possible delay in any area, contact Early Interventions for a full evaluation. If he qualifies for services, make the most of them. Bottom line, he is your child and if he is ASD there is absolutely nothing you can do to change it. He is way young to even be diagnosed, usually around three is the earliest kids are actually diagnosed. Stop searching the internet and projecting symptom onto your child. There can be dozens of reason for his speech delay. My third had (at 22 months) a delay of over 10 months. I worried, sure I worried. But is was not in my hands. My job was to take him to therapy and work with him daily and pray for him. He is 14 yo now and fine. I have a niece and nephew who are both on the spectrum and they are both happy, well loved, unique individuals.
To answer your question at the end of your post. He doesn't have to point at things, none of mine did, but you can take a book and read to him. Say, I see some things that are red, I will point to them (then point and count 1, 2, 3) three red things. Can you point to the red things too? Interactive play is always the best. When you are at the store; I see apples, apples are red, can you see the apples, point to the apples.
When trying to get him to use names, try to talk like this: Sam (your kid's name) wants to hold the, mama is holding the ball. Sam do you want the ball? Ask mama for the ball.
He may say "mama ball" that is enough. Another way to coax him to use names is turn taking. Whatever you are doing or playing say, "it's mama's turn, it will be Sam's turn next. Sam it is your turn, Mama will wait. Sam is it Mama's turn? Tell mama it is her turn" this sort of repetitious and solicitous play will encourage him. Praise any attempt he makes. He is just 2, and some kids are slow to speak. Relax, you are going to make yourself nuts worrying about something you cannot control. If he has an issue, you will address it.

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