high metabolism+ high metabolism from breastfeeding....always hungry

LaLaMami - posted on 04/16/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hello I've been breastfeeding for almost five months now. I lost all my pregnancy weight and I'm under the weight I was when I got pregnant. Sounds great and all but I'm losing weight really quickly. I have an endless hunger which causes me to feel irritable. I breastfeed but I also pump and give bottle. I'm making enough for MyLove to gain weight so I shouldn't worry about that. Yet, I'm only making just enough, and barely extra. I pump a lot but my body is ignoring the demand for supply. My concern is when I go back to work (which I'm looking for work already) there isn't going to be anymore than 6oz to 8oz in the fridge. And my pumping sessions will be much more limited. Please do not suggest formula, I do not wish to give my baby formula. I have the ability to make breast milk, which isn't always easy for women, but I know how many great benefits there are to breastfeeding for the little one. I'm worried that my milk supply is going to go down even more then it did at 4 months, I'm also concerned that I'm losing weight too quickly. I have always been a skinny person, it has always been difficult to gain any weight or muscle. Just before getting pregnant I had been much more careless with my diet and that was the only reason I weighed 115. I had never weighed that much before, I was always under 100. Now I'm at 102 to 103 fluctuating. But I got there within less than a week from the weight 112. So, I'm aware that I have a high metabolism before ever being pregnant, I've always experienced endless hunger and irritability from it. But now it seems worse, and I'm stressing, trying really hard not to and just trying to focus my feelings on being determined to up my milk supply. I know that stress can hurt your milk supply. I was concerned I wasn't eating enough calories, so I started adding them. On a regular basis I eat just enough and hardly any extra, and on days I make an effort to eat more I eat around 2000. I notice no difference in my milk supply when I eat less or more calories and I still feel insanely hungry. I should probably also mention I've started drinking Mother's Milk Tea, and that its what's helping me maintain just enough for MyLove. Without that, I had just started pumping again at around 4 months when before I was exclusively breastfeeding, I was only able to pump 1 to 2 ounces at a time for each time my baby was hungry and that's while pumping continuously. So the tea is helping with making just enough. But I'm concerned I wouldn't have enough for a growth spurt and as I mentioned earlier for when I go back to working. I'd love to be a stay at home mom and exclusively breastfeed, but realistically cannot afford it. Being a single mom, I'm blessed with having family help. I know something is off though, because my stress has been higher and my hunger is even worse than it was in the first few months. My doctor is going to test me to see if there's anything wrong with my thyroid, however I'm concerned she won't find anything because while pregnant I was told my thyroid was normal. So, if it's nothing to do with my thyroid, then how do I prevent losing too much weight to an unhealthy point with a high metabolism in general+ that the breastfeeding adds to high metabolism? Thank you, I know I wrote a lot

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