High risk pregnancy and spotting!

Danielle - posted on 01/14/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hey Ladies,

I am currently 6 weeks pregnant, and I am a high risk pregnancy applicant.

I have PCOS, and conceived on Fermara after 2.5 years of 'trying to conceive'. I have had three pregnancies before, the first resulted in my son, and the last two were miscarriage at 6 weeks (first eptopic, second missed miscarriage).

Because I have PCOS, I am also on 400 mg of Progesterone supplements to sustain the hormone to hopefully give this pregnancy a fighting chance.

I am now concerned because I have started spotting.

It started yesterday after going to the bathroom. It wasn't alot, but it was enough to make me freak. We went to the hospital right after it happened, and they checked and drew blood.

The E.R doctor said everything seemed ok, the bleeding had stopped, and my HCG level is still rising.

I am still concerned because I have been experiencing cramps, and lower back pain. They come and go, but because of my high risk situation I can't help but be paranoid that something will go wrong.

This afternoon, around the same time as yesterday, there was a little amount of blood spotting, and cramps.

Has anyone been high risk, had spotted, and still have a successful pregnancy?

I am always waiting for the second shoe to drop, and I can't help but feel that a miscarriage is inevitable. I feel like I lucked out yesterday, but then my mind looms to the fact I still have another 6 weeks until I am technically in the clear (if that). I'm scared that it'll happen at 11 weeks or in another insanely unexpected situation.

Any encouraging stories, or information of any kind would help!


Michele - posted on 01/14/2012




Hi Danielle, I too have PCOS and was a high risk pregnancy with twins. I had some spotting throughout the pregnancy and FREAKED each and every time, i also went to my doctors office or the ER every time! I now have beautiful twin 13 month olds that are driving me crazy but I love every minute of it after the long hard road to get here. They are my first and before them I had an ectopic pregnancy and 2 miscarriages, one @ 6 weeks and one @ 10 weeks. I know that feeling of dread, believe me that was with me my entire pregnancy, and although it was actually a good pregnancy except for those spotting episodes that drove me mad, I always had those losses in the back of my mind and waiting for that disappointment. I will keep you in my prayers, I wish you all the best good luck.

Kate CP - posted on 01/14/2012




I had a period EVERY MONTH when I was pregnant with my daughter. I also had hyper-emesis which made me high risk. When I say a period, I mean I had cramps and clots and all. My OB was sick of hearing from me! But, everything did turn out okay (she's 5 now).

It's so early for you that it's hard to not worry...but do try to take it easy if you can.

Tara - posted on 01/14/2012




I was high-risk with both pregnancies. I had heavy bleeding (we're talking fill the toilet bowl bright red) with both pregnancies, had to have confirmation ultrasounds to ensure I was still pregnant.

What it sounds like is that you are having small "burst" bleeds on the outside of the placenta (that was what my cramping and bleeding was). Have you had your blood pressure monitored? My burst bleeds were because of high blood pressure.

It's scary as hell but you can have a high-risk pregnancy, bleeding and still have a successful pregnancy - my daughters are proof of that to me.


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