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Hi: I'm writing on behalf of a high school 10th grade student who is currently in a charter school. The placement is inappropriate for her in that she's not receiving academic support that she requires and the social setting is not in her best interest. Please let me know if any of you have suggestions or have had similar experiences. Thanks so much. Private EC tutor. Anne


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Has she discussed this with her parents? If she isn't getting the support that she needs, isn't being challenged, and is having issues with her peers that cannot be corrected with adult involvement then I would hope that her parents would have the presence of mind to help her find an environment better suited to her needs.

Children are not automatically assigned to charter schools the way that they are in regular public school districts. Her parents would have had to make a conscious decision to place her there. This is promising as it shows that they are involved to that extent (or were at the time of placement).

As an EC tutor, I'm not sure if you have opportunities to bring this to a parent's attention or if these issues were brought to you in confidence by the student. They really should be made aware of these problems if they are serious.

Oddly enough, I placed my 8th grader in a charter school to escape the same issues. Many public schools cannot enforce a true zero tolerance policy, but charter schools can, which often leads to a safer and more accepted social environment. They can also put a ceiling cap on the number of attending students, which allows the teachers to give more individualized attention to their classes. My teen loves the switch; his classes are small and challenging, he has a great group of friends and the teachers seem to genuinely care about the welfare of the students. This makes me surprised to hear that your student is having so many problems.

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