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Hi Moms, My daughter is going to be 4 in october and i am still struggling to find what is the issue with her so that i can help her. The challenges i face are that 1. She wants constant interaction with another human so it makes it impossible to get anything done and it is draining. 2. She tends to have meltdowns at smallest of things 3. She gets overwhelmed with loud noises, is cautious when in new surroundings, not willing to be independent 4. I don't know if her meltdowns aer because of sensory issues or that she is high anxiety. They are especially more when her tummy is slightly off or she is not feeling 100% fully charged. She is a very lively child and full of life. Very intelligent, very observant, very empathetic but i worry as to how to equip her to deal with life. I am told that the reconditioning of the brain needs to be done before they are 5 or 6. so i am getting desperate.


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You don't need to "recondition" the brain. What you do is help her learn how to deal with the sensory and anxiety things. You watch and learn. Watch how she reacts and then learn how to defuse and then as she grows you teach her those skills so she learns how to defuse on her own. It is a life long learning process that your child will continue to learn. Her anxieties and sensory issues won't go away, but you can teach her how to work through them. For teaching her how to be independent....some will just naturally come with age, but the rest encourage her. Set up different situations where she has to be independent. Start short and small at first. Even just a short simple task. Encourage her during that task and give LOTS of praise. Praise goes ALONG way! Same with her anxiety. Walk her through it. If you know there is going to be a situation where she is going to have anxiety about talk about what is going to happen before hand.....make it positive and reassuring. For example if she gets anxious about doctors visits before the visit play doctor at home. Talk about what her doctor will do and how the visit will go and then act that out at home. A lot of anxiety is the unknown......if you take out the unknown then you take out a lot of the anxiety. To help with meltdowns try to make sure she is fed, has enough fluids and is rested......I know this can't happen all the time, but the more you can make sure those needs are met the less of the meltdowns you will have.

I HIGHLY SUGGEST READING "THE CONNECTED CHILD" BY KARYN PURVIS and then WATCHING THE DVDS she has......there are 5 DVDS. The dvd set is expensive, but SOOOOOOO helpful!!! YOU will gain SOOOO much more then what you paid for them and it will help you SOOOOOO much. I was a sensory and anxiety child....I am now a sensory and anxiety adult that is independent and well adjusted :) and my daughter is a sensory and anxiety child. You will gain SO much insight into your child by the book and the dvds.

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