hip pain one year after giving birth.

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Hi! I have a 2 year old & a 10 month old. I am STILL experiencing hip pain from giving birth (usually stiffness while lying down and in the mornings). When the stiffness flares up it even hurts to walk. Any tips to for relief?


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heat is for muscle cramping and can be helpful. But, you may also be experiencing inflammation, in which case ice would be best for you.

Also, I recommend
1) see your doctor and get an x-ray to rule out a back injury - I recommend this because my pain started the same way and just got worse over time. If this is something ongoing, you may have a back problem. I have a herniated disc that initially caused leg and hip pain (no low back pain). This was because the nerves being pinched referred the pain to the hip and leg.
2) walk daily. This is one of the best things you can do for leg, hip and back pain - as long as you don't overdo it! Slow to medium paced walking for 30 min a day is really helpful.
3) do lots of stretches and watch your posture - stretch your spine, legs, and butt daily (preferably 2x a day). you can find some stretches to do online (I like some from fitness.com b/c they have video demonstrations). Tight muscles, especially in your butt, lower back and your hamstring, can be contributing to your pain.
4) make sure you are drinking plenty of water and have cut out caffeine and sodas (both of which dehydrate you).

Do you have a chiropractor? I highly recommend seeing one since you may have a misaligned disc from when you gave birth, or your hips may even be misaligned. There are gentle (and totally safe!) adjustment methods to fix these things.

Those are my recommendations, based on my experiences! I hope they help!


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Physical Therapy. The same thing happend to me after my daughter got stuck on my hip during delivery. When I visited my doctor he prescribed physical therapy (which our insurance covered) and it REALLY helped. It was amazing what they could do with some simple exercises & movements.

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I think the best thing you can do is see your doctor or a chiropractor. I know my sister had major issues with this sort of thing after her twins. The twins had separated her sternum and her pelvis as well as dislocating and twisting her hips. It took only about four sessions with the chiropractor before she was able to walk more comfortably and sleep comfortably.

I hope this helps.

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I did the same thing. I suffered for 5 years before the doctor done and MRI. I have a ruptured disk in my lower back. You need to consult your doctor. There are good treatments. I have a unit that sends a small electrical shock that I put on my hip and back and it relieves the pain. I always thought it was my hip, but come to find out it was actually my lower back.

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Sleep with a heating pad, and quit carrying them kids on your hip.


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I only found out last time I visited the physio my hip is twisted they xrayed the rest of my back apart from there. Started when I had my 1st son eased up got even worse when had my 2nd so 11 yr period. Nightmare. Softly soft with exercise go at ur own pace.

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My son is three years going on four and my hip pains go and come. I know it has a lot to do with my hip boe cause the pain is concentrated there. I exercised but some exercises seem to aggravate the problem. I walk also and stretch which helps somewhat. You know after seeing this post i know I am not the only one. But all of your comments really do help and shed light. Thanks guys

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Swimming, i think that is a great start. And i will definately go see a Dr. about this when i can make some time. Don't want this to lead to other problems. Thanks everyone!


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I had pain down my leg and some in my hip after 1st baby and it returned after my second but just didn't seem to go away. Went to see a doc about it and was treated for Myophasial pain syndrome (read about it at http://www.endotext.org/adrenal/adrenal3...). Doc said I was heading for disk problems. He explained that I had damaged mussles most likely during the pregnancies and then carrying the babies too. Treatment is working well for me but regular swimming seems to have improved it a lot. I'd give swimming a go....it wouldn't do any harm at least I would imagine!

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