Hiring a nanny, any suggestions!

Tammy - posted on 07/24/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My husband and I are now looking for a part time nanny this August. I'm jumping from the carpool lane to the career lane in a few days. Any suggestions would help. I would like to find a retired teacher or college student.


Teresa - posted on 07/25/2010




Hi Tammy, having worked for many years and in diffrent countrys as a childrens nannie, I am always amazed at how parents forget to ask some important questions during the interview process, so if it's ok with you I would like to make some suggestions,

Although you did not state the ages of your child/chilldren,if you can get a nanny who has some child care experiance that would be much better , as they will have had a hands on experiance of working with children.

I dont just mean someone who occasionaly babysits, I mean someone who has been a nanny or worked in a daycare setting, that means they have also some knowledge of child development and first aid.

Secondly ask them how they would occupy your child during the time you were at work, for example you need to know if she is aware of the activities your child should be doing for their age which are age appropriate, She should also be aware of what is nutritional for your children ask her what she would prepare for your children.

Ask her about her hobbies which will help to because it will show how active she is, if she interested in reading for example which she can share with the children.

Have you tried contacting your local Colleg for students on childcare course who might be available?

there are pro's and cons for young nanny and a more mature nanny...

Young nannies dont have as much experiance but are more easy to get on with, and the children attach quickly to a younger person.

whereas a mature nanny will have had lots of experiance with children and babies of all ages and how to work with parents

Choosing a nanny can be difficult because you are leaving your most precious possession with them, and of course you want it to be as pleasent a transtion for your children as possible.

so always take your time to see a nanny check out ALL the refrences double check them if you have to and background checks, make a contract agreement with at least two month trial period on it to give both of you time to get to know each other.

Finaly go with your intuition as a mum! you can see who your children warm to and they will always tell you if they are not happy with the person who is caring for them, even babies! so good luck and I wish you well on your return to work .

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Have them do something with your kid/s while you are there. Watch their interactions. Kids can really read people and this can help guide you in making the right choice.

Ashley - posted on 07/24/2010




Do your research, get references, find out as much about them as possible! I'm really picky over who watches my son! You never know who you can trust these days! Be careful!


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S - posted on 07/25/2010




Hmm are you looking for sites?

Sittercity and care.com are good ones but you do have to pay for them.

There are other sources, you can use an agency or another online source but many of them are pay as well.

Personally I put an ad on craigslist.com, to combat insincere inquiries I was specific about requiring references AND an up to date background check. Believe me, unqualified individuals will not apply if they know you are going to check their background.

If you post on craigslist I would not recommend the first interview in home. Make sure to actually check their references, background check and any credentials they claim to have, make them bring them to the interview. Write down the things that you require and make sure to gauge their responses, pay attention to body language. I always make sure to ask questions such as

Describe an incidence where you have had to discipline a child, how and why did you do it (or ask if they discipline)

What is the aspect do you like the least about being a nanny?

etc. I like these questions because it can catch them off guard if they are lying and trying to offer answers they think you want to hear.

When I check their references I always ask about negative experiences and if the nanny met their expectations. By doing so I found a GREAT nanny who more than met my requirements.

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