hiya iam new here and my babe girl is 10weeks old and she wont eat ? ist just 3 onz here and there wot should we do help plz ?????????


Melynnda - posted on 09/16/2012




Have you taken her into see the doctor yet? That would be my first step, as its possible something might be going on internally. Does she vomit up when she eats? Is she sleeping more? Does she have a temperature? These are just some questions to think about. I know here in Canada we have a phone number to call to get the aid of a nurse, do you have anything like that where you live? Is your baby breast feeding or on formula? If child is on formula it may be causing some discomfort for her tummy. My little girl was born early so was on formula from the get go, we used nestle products (good Start) they are excellent for all stages. They also have different kinds to choose from, and include whey protein which is easy to digest for infants. I don't know if this information will be of much help, but I hope it does. =)

Here is some extra information:

A 10-week-old baby eats enough within the first ten minutes to satisfy her hunger and then tapers off on her own. Signs your baby is still hungry include crying, sucking on her hand and smacking her lips. The baby gives you consistent signals when she’s full, such as turning her head, sealing her lips, spitting out the nipple, fidgeting or falling asleep. If bottle feeding, she may attempt to knock the bottle out of your hand. Stop feeding the baby when she’s giving you the signals that she is full, even if she has not finished her bottle or has taken less breast milk or formula than usual.

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