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Gena - posted on 02/09/2015




How old is your toddler? You can male tea with boiling water,lemon slices and honey. Let it cool befor drinking. If you have fresh thyme in the garden,take some and put it into 500ml boiling water..keep it nearby to inhale the steam or let keep it in for 10 minutes then add to the bath water. Just please be careful with boiling hot water and a toddler around. What i do when my 4yr old has a cold is i use a baby cold cream on his chest,back and feet. Its something like vicks,but its called Pulmex baby in the country i live. Apply morning and evening! I got a great baby cold bath extract..he baths in it. Ask your doctor or ask at a pharmacy..pharmacy should have both cream and bath. Another thing i personaly find best is to stay at home. I dont take him shopping etc when he has a cold..that way he can rest. Good luck and hope the cold goes away soon...my hubby and son are both coughing and have fever atm:(

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