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me and my husband have decided to home school our girls, I am new to this, and I am not really sure how to go about this. Is homeschooling a difficult task when you first start and are there any tricks to help the children with it?


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Lisa - posted on 10/31/2016




Great question. First, check into your state and the regulations specific to your state. Next, do some research online to find out more about homeschooling and what that will look like for your family. Look into the different curriculum sites and find out what type of curriculum (classical, online etc) would work best for your girls. There are charter schools that will provide curriculum for your family and an oversight teacher. The question is, why are you homeschooling in the first place. If it is to be more in control of the curriculum and work load than the charter school is not the way to go. They tend to overload the kids and cause frustration - but it depends on the school and the teacher.

I hope you enjoy this journey. I homeschooled all three of my kiddos. One graduated at 20 from University as a computer programmer, the second is a Senior in University Business major and the third will be graduating from a trade school as well this year. There are so many opportunities for homeschool kids, including the dual credit system where they can take college classes and get both high school and college credit at the same time. Most community colleges offer this. It really motivates the students to do their best and get the credit they deserve. Besides, homeschooling provides more opportunity for the students to be involved in extracurricular endeavors. My youngest is a black belt in Kenpo. I wish you well!

Jennifer - posted on 10/31/2016




I have been homeschooling my 2 children for 6 years now. My daughter was the first one because we didn't like any of the schools we had to choose from. They have a charter school so they have online teachers that work with them. I am here to make sure that they get their assignments done and I log in their hours. My niece is 6 and homeschooled but has a teacher once a week. All of the kids enjoy being homeschooled. It is not as hard as I thought. I went on Amazon and purchased a schedule book so I could have everything written down daily on what they need to be working on. I do this every Sunday night so they are ready for the week. I also print out any tests that they have. I really enjoy doing it because I know that they are learning. Its amazing to see how much your child really knows. My son is autistic which is why we ended up homeschooling him. He wasn't able to learn with all the distractions. He is now where he needs to be in school and at his education level.

Don't be afraid to ask questions, I emailed teachers everyday because I was lost at first. I help others now so they don't feel so overwhelmed. I know when I got that first shipment of books 6 years ago for my daughter, I was panicking but it all worked out. If you just get into a nice routine, write down what they need to work on daily (checklists help my son more but I still make a list for the week on Sundays) and set up a nice place for them to do their schooling (ours is in the dining room) everything will fall into place.

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