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Is it illegal to put your tenant out if thay are homeschooling


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That depends. Where do you live? Are you in the US?

Was a condition of the housing contract that no homeschooling was allowed? Was this condition included in the original documentation for the housing contract?

If you live in the US, and you entered into a contract with a tenant, but did NOT specify that homeschooling would not be allowed, you will need to allow the contract to run its course, and prior to renewing, make the new regulation known.

If you DID have a homeschooling clause in the original contract with the tenant, and they have disregarded that, then you are limited to the terms of the contract. For example: If the contract says you must warn them, you must warn them before eviction.

Make sure you look into the state & local laws for your area to help to determine the legality of what you are contemplating. If still in doubt, consult an attorney.

If you just want to put someone out for homeschooling their kids because you don't like homeschooling, I'd have to say 'tough'. Homeschooling your children is NOT ILLEGAL, so I'd say that you'd have a difficult time turning someone out for educating their family...

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Are you saying that you are a landlord and you want to put your tenants out because they homeschool your children?
What country are you in? Laws vary by country.

In the US, if they have a contract for a certain length of time, you can only break the contract and evict them for specific reasons (non-payment, vandalism, violation of contract terms, etc.). Homeschooling is not usually a term discussed in a tenant contract, so my guess would be, no, you cannot put them out for homeschooling.
That said, if it was specifically written into the contract that homeschooling families were not allowed to live in the dwelling, before signing, then the family was found to be homeschooling, they could be turned out.
I a PUBLIC dwelling, only certain factors can be written into a contract, but in a PRIVATE dwelling, the landlord can specify pretty much whatever requirements he or she wishes.

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