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My baby (7mos) and I traveled to Central America to visit family for 2 weeks. Where I live I don't have many family members but my mom so when we were there my baby was extremely happy with everyone. They would make him smile, laugh a lot, ect. The first day we were back, it was just me and him, and he was crying for absolutely no reason. He looks sad and doesn't smile. I took his temp and he's completely fine. Could he miss being over there and all that attention everyone gave him? Could he miss all those kids that would play with him and everyone carry him? It breaks my heart to see him like this and I don't know what to do!! Help!


Dove - posted on 08/09/2016




Probably a bit of that. My twins were about 5 months old when we had several family members come visit for a couple of weeks. They got quite 'spoiled' (not spoiled, but for the first time ever there was more than one adult per baby... when a good chunk of their lives it was one adult for TWO babies since daddy worked a It took a while to get back into our normal routine and lives and yes, I felt bad for them since they had gotten used to being held a lot and I could not hold both at the same time. They adjusted back to normal life and were fine... and so will your baby. ♥


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