Homework is for home and school work is for school

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Why are the teachers sending class work home with our child and work for home to be completed as well? Are they really doing their jobs?

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actually no to answer your stupid question lol I am probably a bit older than you are. but what i mean by the post is that i myself believe that it seems to be to much on kids to have so much work being sent home and no time to relax and unwind after school. I have had maybe at lease 10 sheets sent home math,science, etc. and text book work, spelling 5 times each and studying for muli tests that following day. Work that I think should be the teacher or teacher job to have this done in class and not at home, some parents work and can not be there to help them when they need to.They wonder why lot's of kids do not like school these days and do not want to go! Its to much and the things they are teaching to me again seem impossible but good for our children to learn now a days, but no one wants to be doing homework all night long, they need some time besides the weekends for them self's common sense that is. They do it all day 6 hours and then sent home to do it for another 2 hours or more. there kids and when they're young like mine are, to me it a lot on there plate. Think what you want.....I know my children can handle it, but I just don't get why they would have to do the teachers job and theirs as well! That is my point. I guess that is the way it seems to be for me.Its not that my child is not getting there work done in class it is what is and no one seems to like it, but its just plain and simple that there's to much being sent home period!! Its the persons job while our child is in school or class to do work,if the work is not done while the others are, well then they must not be paying attention to that child, and does not make me feel good about that, they are coming home with that class work that was not finished on time? Its not that the child in need of any kind of special and extra help it seems to be more than my child, it the whole class. Each and Every single day.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 10/11/2013




Is your KID really doing his, in the classroom? Generally, if classwork isn't completed in the time frame, it gets sent home on top of the regularly assigned homework.

Sounds like your kid needs to step up his/her game in the classroom, pay attention, and get their in class work done.

And you need to quit trying to run the school system down. Its FREE, PUBLIC education. If you don't like how they're treating your precious kid, then feel free to homeschool. Just remember, you're still held to state standards.

Becky - posted on 10/10/2013




Um, I know when I went to school, any work that wasn't finished in the classroom for whatever reason, came home with me. Hence, becoming "homework". If your child is not finishing up work that should be finished in school, then maybe it's time to have a chat with your child. Home work is not a new concept.

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