Homework trouble with a 6 yr old!!!

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I could really use some help and insight. I'm a mom to a beautifully intelligent 6 year old girl. I cannot express just how smart this child is. Right now she is on summer break and unfortunately I have her in a summer camp that also is a daycare due to the fact that I work till late and they happen to be open until then. My daughter is now going into second grade. I want her mind to stay sharp so I send 2nd grade curriculum work pages with her during the day requesting that it be done. She is a social butterfly and had trouble in first grade because of conduct, not her academic work. She has expressed to me that she just finds schoolwork boring and I understand at that age it CAN be boring instead of being able to play. I try and make it fun for her and only send 3-4 pages of "simple" things that were done in first...sometimes even kinder. At this point she just plays the "I'm thinking" card and drags things out to a very frustrating point. I hate getting aggravated by this and don't like getting upset when I KNOW she KNOWS the material. She LOVES to push buttons then gets extremely upset and emotional when me or her dad get upset with her behavior of just finishing. We have done the "please", "reward if done" and other ploys. It just doesn't seem to help. Sorry for long story, but any and every idea and insight would be a great help! Thanks in advance


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Okay, the work you are sending must be dreadfully boring. If it is, and she is continuously forced to do it, she is going to start seeing school and learning as some boring thing she has to do to make mom happy, and if that happens, the first thing she is going to do when you make her angry is stop doing the school work.

Learning does NOT have to be boring. Worksheets are boring. Find something more interesting for her to keep her mind sharp. Children her age learn best through play. Does the summer camp/daycare not have activities set up for the kids? She should be learning to count, add, subtract, multiply, etc. by playing cashier/customer or through relay races where they build towers or put together patterns as a team. Worksheets will make her resent school work, you don't want that.

Lastly, you said yourself she KNOWS the material, she just doesn't want to do it because it is boring. You don't need to be sending worksheets on material she already knows, that turns it into a boring exercise of "proving" to you that she knows the stuff. Maybe she doesn't care whether you know she knows or not, maybe she only cares that SHE knows it. If you INSIST on worksheets, find puzzle and brain teaser worksheets on material that she does not know yet and see if she can figure it out. If she does, reward her with an extra book at bedtime, or with a day off from puzzles the next day.

All in all, remember that summer needs to be fun.

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3-4 pages of homework in the summer time? Mom, I think you are pushing a bit hard. You want her to be interested in school work, not resent it. That is a lot for a 6 year old to have to sit down and work on. Especially if they don't like to do it. If you are dead set on sending work with her, maybe only send 1-2 pages (which 2 is still a lot in the summer in my opinion). Maybe let her pick what she wants to do. Get her involved in the process.

Your daughter may be a genius, but she is still a kid that wants to enjoy her summer vacation. Let her be a kid. Your daughter may need some down time.

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