Hoping to be a mom soon..Need advice!

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I'm 26 and I've never been pregnant before. I was on the pill for about 7 years straight before I got off of it about 3 months ago. My husband had been away for most of those 3 months for a training, but now we've been having unprotected sex regularly for the past 3 weeks, so it's a possibility that I'm pregnant. My last period was July 3rd. I do have a period every month, but my cycles can range from 26 to 29 days. I'm guessing today would be day 22 of my cycle, then. I took a pregnancy test about an hour ago and it came back negative. Could it be too early to tell? I've been having mild headaches every day for the past few days, and I usually do not get headaches. Should I wait and see if I get my period? I'm not sure what to do. This is all extremely new to me. I hate this waiting game!! Any advice would be very much appreciated!! Thanks! Have a wonderful day!!


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Unfortunately, trying to concieve is all about the waiting game :(
Most home tests will not show a positive until a couple of days after the missed period should have started, some take up to a week--just depends on your hormones.

Wait a week and take another test. It took my husband and I over a year to conceive our little one. The waiting is rough.

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Considering you've only been really trying for 3 weeks my suggestion is you relax a bit. Yes it could happen this fast or it could take up to a year. I would also refrain from testing till you are a week late, yes there are early detection tests but that seems like a waste if money each month based on symptoms that you could be tricking yourself into having. Good luck and remember to have fun!

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