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Hi, this is my first pregnancy and I am so emotional and moody. I raise my 10 year old nephew and I feel I have no patience for him and yell at him all the time. :( It's making me feel awful. I am current 16 weeks 6 days pregnant and I know my body and hormones are going through a lot. But, I don't like that I take it out on him or my boyfriend.


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Well you shouldn't take it out on anyone. Hormones go nuts during pregnancy. My suggestion, when you are feeling like you are gonna blow, go for a walk. Get out all the energy. Or go do something distracting for your self. YOu have a long way to go before this baby is born, and then infants themselves are a challenge, along with the lack of sleep this could get worse. Hormones go nuts after delivery also. You will hit a much more settled portion of your pregnancy soon, but the hormones will rage again. Find something to help center yourself. Good luck.

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