Hormones, Hassles, Happiness and Home Schooling

Lacy - posted on 05/11/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I am a mother of 5 and am home schooling ages 6 to 13 with a 2 year old.... just to give you the setting. I am starting to have serious issues with what I believe to be hormone influenced attitudes from my three oldest. It seems to start from the oldest and most compliment in the form of emotional outburst (although seldom) and pass along through my son (12) and then to his sister (11). The latter being completely defiant and obtuse. Their oldest sister (13 and compliant) is even shocked by the other two but does not recognize that they see it start with her. I am trying the old nip it in the bud approach by forcibly correcting her ( and their) outburst and trying to corral her into the "family team" but the other two see this and feel as if I am Jim Jones and am trying to get her to "drink the cool aid" resulting in a manipulative scheme of theirs to overthrow the powers that be. My question is should my approach be directed to the individual and their behavior or to them as a group, letting them help correct each other, and me be the positive reinforcement parent. Their father has taken a wait and see, this to shall pass but I feel I need to engage them actively. In any case, it's mothers day, my heart is filled with woe, and I cannot continue down this path... love Mom of 5.

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