horrible baby shower for my daughter 6 years ago, is it wrong to want a 2nd for a 3rd baby thats a boy ?

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hello before and negative comments please read so you understand, I was 18 years old when I had my daughter i was a single mother from the time she was born until i met my now hubby. my mom had the shower for me which was weird enough as i barley new her as she left when i was 3 years old. the shower was horrible it was all my moms friends not one of mine and only a couple people even from my family i ended up leaving the shower in tears as instead of it being a happy day to celebrate my daughter it turned into everyone say rude things and make new mommy feel like crap about having a baby. when my daughter was about a year and 4 months i met my now hubby and he took on me and my daughter and is now the daddy that she deserves we then had a baby boy together once again all i got was negativity about having a baby it seems like it is a good and happy thing for everyone else to get pregnant but for me to everyone else it a horrible thing :( we had decided not to have anymore that we had the perfect family but we later found out that there is going to be one last addition to our family BIG surprise but welcomed i am 26 weeks along now and it has been a hard few months as there have been some complications making my high risk and needing a lot of ultrasounds and to make if even more emotional nobody is exited at al about our nw baby coming except us :( i do not want to have a shower for the gifts that is not my intent but it would mean the whole world to me for people to just come for a celebration to show that they are happy and support us and for once to not make me feel horrible about being pregnant and as i no that none of our family would ever offer to do this for us we would have to do it ourselves i just want some opinions on if we should just forget it or if we should just go for it sorry for the crazy long explanation i jjust didn't want to be judged before you new the reasoning.

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The best way to celebrate the birth of a 2nd or 3rd child, if no one throws you a shower (to throw your own is really tacky), invite only positive people to a gathering a couple of weeks after baby arrives to welcome your new arrival.

It doesn't have to be your family, if they are negative. Only people who are positive and excited for you should be included.

Guest - posted on 06/20/2014




If I were you, I'd forget it.....and make some new friends.
If none of your friends could be bothered to throw a shower for you the first time, or even attend the shower your mother threw, they are not going to be any more supportive this time around and you will end up footing the bill for a big party that doesn't bring you any more happiness than the first one did. If no one wants to throw you a shower now, and you throw one for yourself, they will probably be just as tactless as they were last time and say more things to hurt your feelings. Why put yourself through that? and foot the bill to boot?? I wouldn't bother.

Most people who really care about you will stop by with a gift after the baby is born anyway, so just let that run it's course and skip the stressful parties.

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