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It has been brought to my attention that my oldes nieces mom keeps their house in horrible condition!! My nieces have gone to my brother in laws with the same clothes they previously had on, completely dirty... they're house was beyond filthy and they are sometimes locked in their room for long periods of time. My oldest niece is already acting out in HORRIBLE ways and im very concerned for her well being!! CPS was called several times over the years, but for some reason she's somehow tipped off and everything is spic and span!! I'm afraid for my nieces, they are the sweetest kids, but their mother is made out to be some "wonderful" person!! GRRRRR


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It's sad that a grown woman cannot keep her house clean. I know exactly what you are talking about as my Husband and I have dealt with something similar like this before... I still find myself looking at those pictures that were taken, the living conditions and get sick to my stomach. Children being in atmosphere's like that are infact considered neglect and abuse. A grownup should be able to keep her house clean, dog poop picked up, litter box clean, grease, dirt, dust all off of the furniture, pick up toys and clothes and other items. I believe clothes should be washed everyday or every other day and put away. There is no sense in washing clothes like once a week or so and leaving it in the dryer! Talk about lazy!!! Even this person's car was like this on the inside and also reeked almost as much as the house did. She was just nasty, lazy... it was sickening.

I am a neat freak. I clean my house everyday. It's all I can do to not go crazy looking at my babies toys on the floor as they are playing. I cannot imagine things sitting around cluttered and not caring. I cannot imagine knowing my house stinks and not doing everything in my power to rid the smell from my house. I just can't imagine in living somewhere I was ashamed, and force your kids to live that exact same, disgusting way. I mean, these people are ashamed, right???

A wolf in sheep's clothing is what all of these men/women are that get away with it. Get pictures like we did. These people aren't wonderful and one day, they are going to push the wrong button on someone and everything is going to come crumbling down after they are exposed for just what they really are. Karma is a b*tch. You just have to wait for it.

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that sounds like a really tough situation...

but if you want to do something about it... document it yourself... sneak in a camera... offer to babysit one time... take pictures of the kids in the state they are in... i don't know what lengths you are willing to go... but in lot of these cases it's up to concerned individuals to do the foot work in order to get CPS to react...

it's hard to be a whistle blower but sometimes in life we are given no choice and it will forever be on our conscience if we dont...

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This "is" sad. A lot of kids get taken away that prob. shouldn't be. There parents may just need a little help. In other situations, the kids SHOULD be taken away until conditions are better, and the kids don't get taken away.

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My husband cousin is the same way..I know that they not only look at the way the home area is,but also look at the fact if the kids r not being feed or being misstreated as well you have a long fight ahead of you...but you have to do what it takes to make sure that those kids r safe..talk to a lawyer about to see what you can do ..try to see if the kids can live with you or someone esle in the family cause if the CPS comes they will take the kids and put them into a forster home till they go to court.and make sure you take alot of pis. of the kids and thier home as well that will help u alot...

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I had a similar situation with my niece, the house was filthy and filled with dog poop, the kids were verbally abused, so on so forth. CPS was called MANY times, and they never did anything about it. I'm glad to say that I think the situation has improved, but overall I honestly find CPS to be worthless.

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sounds like someone i know, my neighbors livevery messy cluttered life and slave the kids that live there. i cant stand it, their the only house that doesnt belong in the community we live in, trash all over their yard and you see everyones house and its clean, nice landscaping, not saying trashy is illegal but gosh over there you need your own " passport" to go over there!

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