Hosting a baby shower?

Audrey - posted on 07/31/2012 ( 6 moms have responded )




I'm hosting a friends baby shower in a couple weeks. Throughout her pregnancy all she has craved is pizza. So for her baby shower we discussed ordering pizza. What other foods should I buy to accompany this? I figured chips, since she wants a certain type of dip. I guess veggies? I'm new to this. I've only been to two baby showers in my entire life.

Also, what are some cheap games to play? Prizes? Ect. I'm at a loss. Thanks in advance!


Samantha - posted on 08/01/2012




Here's a neat game that my sil did at a shower. Take bowls and put dry rice in them. Then put in small safety pins (make sure you put the same number of safety pins in each bowl). Put a bowl on each table or have people get into groups and give each group a bowl. While not looking/blindfolded, give them a time limit and have the participants take turns trying to pick the safety pins out of the bowl. For example, give them 3 minutes, then put the pins back and have the next person try. The person who picks out the most safety pins gets a prize. It's actually not that easy to find the safety pins!

Other games: baby word search, word scramble, quiz about Mommy (ask about things like her due date, morning sickness, boy/girl - if she knows or what she wants, cravings, things she can't stand, where she's going to have the baby...)

Prizes: hand creams, nicely scented hand sanitizers, candles, candle holders, picture frames, chocolates, small sets from The Body Shop or Bath & Body Works, shower gels, gift certificate for a manicure and/or pedicure...

Foods: along with the pizza and chips, salad, veggies w/dip, meatballs, potato skins, mini quiche, pasta salad, cocktail weiners, cheese and crackers, anything you would serve at a normal party (Sam's Club/Costco/Gordon's Foods are great for buying food for the party)

Have fun! If you think something is fun, other people will probably think it is fun too.


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Kim - posted on 08/01/2012




Cut the ribbon to see who cuts it close enough to how big the moms belly is.
Trivia about how well each person knows the mom & whoever gets the most questions right gets a prize.

Prizes: Candles, Wine, Body lotion, spays, ect., Makeup.

Amanda - posted on 08/01/2012




If you post or pm me with your email address I have 4-5 games I made while planning my cousins shower. You can just print and copy them...

Jennifer - posted on 07/31/2012




You could have them taste different baby foods and try to guess what they are.

There is also a game where you slightly melt different candy bars in the microwave and squish them into disposable diapers. Then they guess what kind of candy bar they are. It's kind of gross, but pretty funny.

Place a large variety of baby items (diaper pins, little plastic pacifiers, a comb, a nail clipper, etc.) on a tray. Give them 30 seconds to look at the tray. Then take it away and have them write down everything they can remember. The one who gets the longest correct list wins!

Fill a baby bottle with candies and have them guess the number. The winner gets the bottle.

Cut out paper diaper shapes. Have everyone write down something baby - advice, funny stories, tips, etc. Then use clothespins to hang them on a string. If you make them of acid-free paper and use scrapbooking pens, they can become part of the baby scrapbook later.

Wendy - posted on 07/31/2012




buy some paint paint brushes and cheap baby shirts get everyone to paint them- who ever makes the most creative gets a prize play the baby name game- everyone puts a name in a hat guess who it belongs to not their own childs name change the guests names ie use the first street they lived on and the first pet they had make a pic of a baby and make little nappies so it can be like a pin the nappy on the baby game baby pics of the guests try to guess who it is you could serve a fruit platter a cold meat platter garlic bread or cold sandwiches party pies sausage rolls cake of course and depending on hte sex of the baby decorate everything in that colour

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