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Nini - posted on 05/14/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hello mums. I'm new to this site and I really hope to get some feedback from other mothers please try to be sensitive. 3 years back I had an illicit relationship. It wasn't my best moment and I'm not proud of it. I slept with a man and two weeks later my husband and I were together. 7 weeks later we found out we were expecting. My husband was really supportive and had no knowledge of my infidelity. When my lo was 3 months old my husband left leaving me to figure out how to raise my lo. Fast forward 3 years into the future and I'm a hot mess. My ex husband the divorce hasn't been finalised has not maintained contact with his child yet refuses to sign over custody rights and yes he's getting married and um not sure why I'm angry or who I'm even angry with. My problem is it's impacting my ability to make sound decisions. I've just resigned and what's worse is I find myself shouting at my lo and he doesn't deserve a frantic mum. Please help.


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Dove - posted on 05/14/2016




In addition to the comments by the other two... counseling would probably be a good idea for you to consider. A safe place to express your anger and help you sort through it, so that you do not take it out on your child.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 05/14/2016




Have you established paternity for this child? Did you have a blood test?
Until you do, expecting your husband to "pay" for a child that may not be his (and thus, perhaps, the reason for his leaving when the child was 3 months old) is unreasonable.

Personally? I'd be angry with myself for making the extremely poor choice of bed hopping whilst married. I'd put on my big girl knickers and get ready to lay it all on the line to determine paternity, followed by custody, visitation, and support proceedings.

Michelle - posted on 05/14/2016




Have you had a DNA test done to see who the baby's Father is?
Have you been to court to establish custody, visitation and child support?
If you aren't yet divorced then he can't remarry.

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