how 2 travel with a 3 years kid in airplane for 3 hours

Saumya - posted on 04/17/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




i ve 2 travel next week. its a journy of abt 3 hours.i dont kno how 2 handle my 3 yrs son.he is vry active and impatient


Kristi - posted on 04/18/2013




Excellent advice Little Miss!

I would add giving Tylenol or advil about 1/2 hour prior to take off and have chewing gum at take off so his ears won't hurt as much when the cabin pressure changes. I used to travel on much longer trips with 2 kids and an infant seat for awhile...ugh! We had SO. MUCH. STUFF. But, it was worth it because they were preoccupied and uninterested in the people around us so the other passengers or crew couldn't be rude or huffy.

In today's climate, it seems like travelers and the crew are meaner than ever. I'd like to blame TSA for most of that. Hopefully, you'll get lucky and have a great experience and your son will love flying. I don't know what airline you're using but I've always been treated the best by JetBlue. Plus for like, $35 extra you can get a bigger seat, up front. It's really nice!

Have a great trip!

~♥Little Miss - posted on 04/17/2013




Yeah that can be tricky. I would get a small special toy for him to break out on the plane. They have some magnet games that are shapes that he could probably play with for hours. Pack some good snacks for him, books, any of his favorite toys from home. Talk to him in advance and prepare him for what to expect.

Make a big deal when you are on the plane. Look out the window, talk about what is happening, and be excited for take off. Let him look out the window and see the cloudes, you could even bring a book about clouds, airplanes or whatever will keep his interest about what is happening. That age can be really fun to fly with....but yeah my daughter is the same way. Doesn't want to stay in one spot. I am flying with her in September with my son and husband, and the last time I flew with her, the crew had to let me walk around. Sometimes they are really understanding and accommodate you, but don't rely on that. Bring plenty to distract him with. Even have him help pick out what he wants to bring on the flight.

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