How are some ways I can get my baby 2 start drinking the breast milk from the bottle?


Lola - posted on 11/15/2012




Make it really appealing give him lots of praise and encouragement.If he is currently breath feeding don't take it away and into a bottle cold turnkey.Say were gonna have breast feeding today or what ever you call it and then tomorrow it's going to be in a bottle and only from mommy twice or so and keep telling him and the. Slowly day by day make it one less breast feeding and one more bottle feeding with breat milk that way he gets yous to it and knows how many times with the breast he has left and will get to like the bottle.He may throw a tantrum but be patient don't give in he isn't going to love you any less by being strong and he isn't going to do himself any harm he will just throw a tantrum every time you try to transfer if you give in once cauz hell think oh well mommy gave in last time.

Good luck,Stay strong.

Hope I helped a lil. :)

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