How are teens today different from teens years ago?

Alyson - posted on 02/18/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




I think teens nowadays are less respectful and more defiant. Parents are less strict, and they can get away with everything. I think we ALL did things in our teens that aren't exactly admirable. So we can't say that teens are horrible today. They just need guidance in my opinion.


Jodi - posted on 02/18/2015




I don't know, there were plenty of disrespectful and defiant teens around when I was a teen in the 80s too. I personally find the majority of teens now to be very similar to teens then. Yes, they are a little defiant (that's what teens do and it is a part of growing up and their learning journey) and disrespectful at times (again, part of being a teen is testing those boundaries) but on the whole, teens are just as teens always were. There will always be a minority that are allowed to do whatever they like, have no boundaries, be disrespectful and make poor choices.

Gena - posted on 02/18/2015




I am too young to answer this question. But i would like to say that not all parents let their kids get away with everything. One thing i have witnessed in the bus is that most teens dont care to give their seat to an elderly person. Thats something my parents tought me. If there is no seat left and an older person comes i will stand up and offer them my seat. Another thing that really bothers me is the playground at the school. Its public so everybody may play there. There is a round sheltered place and it looks absolutly horrible! Cigarette buds all over the place,empty tins and rubbish. And if you go read what the teens write on there its horrible. Stuff like "name" sucks penis..and that isnt the worst i have read. My child is not aloud to play in there and i find it bad because younger pupils play there and can read that stuff. But like i said not every teen does bad things.


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