How are you disciplining your AS, ADHD teen boy?

Lorri - posted on 05/02/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My DS is 15 and has AS and ADHD. He is getting defiant and physical. After many years we finally tried meds; Vyvanse for 5 months and at first it was great and then he was aggressive so we stopped it. May try Concerta, talking with Pedi tomorrow. What I want to know is how on earth do we discipline him? If we try to restrict him he does not follow. If we take the phone away he gets VERY angry. He has even ripped his door off of the hinges. How do others discipline their tough teens?


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Well, I have taken a route of not disciplining when my 15y/o asd/pdd/adhd son has meltdowns. I do however talk with him while he is in a meltdown to keep him focused on gaining control. He is on concerta which helps him at school to do his work but does not help with his emotions at all. We have tried a book of meds for his meltdowns and to date the only one I found that helped was tenex, but the sleepy side effect was very intolerable to him. I sure wish it would have worked out because it was amazing the change he went through in the 2 weeks he was on it. Good luck, I know this wasnt very helpful as far as discipline.


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