how can handle hyper active boy


Amanda - posted on 06/08/2011




Take him to the park and let him run it off. Kick a ball with him, take him for a walk, let him ride his bike/scooter. Do a scavenger hunt so he can run around and think about what he needs to find. Take him to an indoor play cafe, you can get a well needed break while you watch him go nuts. Get him involved in a playgroup or mothers group where he can play with other kids. Take him swimming, to a kindergym or any other sporting activity suitable for his age group.
Maybe he needs more mental stimulation??? Try doing some craft with him or an activity like baking cakes where he can get involved.
Theres so much you can do to try and where him out and stimulate his brain.
Also could his hyper activity be to do with something he is eating??? I know if my son is given too much sugar (by grandparents or at a party) he is bouncing off the walls. Not saying that you give him sugar but when my husband was a child certain presertives and colourings in food would send him hypo crazy.

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