How can I balance the expectations of an ASD child with his neurotypical siblings?

Aisha - posted on 07/13/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Help! My youngest of three children has just been dx with Asperger's Syndrome. I am naturally courious about how to help my son reach social, behavior, and cognitive successes,and luckily there are tons of resources to help us achieve those goals. However,I am struggling with how to get the 'neurotypical' siblings to understand this and to make adjustments in our household ,or how to help my aspie's life remain as normal as his siblings during all of these many changes that must take place for him. I am a single mom (recently divorced) , full time worker and nursing student and I am open to ALL in this community that can share tips, clues, and resources that can guide me through. Also my Aspie is 4 yrs old, big sister is 6 and oldest brother is 11. Thanks in advance for helping me through this transition.

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Rebekah - posted on 07/13/2012




You can probably find some age-appropriate books out there to read with your 6 and 11 year old that use storytelling to communicate the idea of "we're all made differently, but all of us special" kind of thing... especially with the 6 year old, you could use more concrete metaphors like physical disabilities to help her better understand your son's neurological difficulties. (Some people need to use crutches or glasses to function better, and other people need other kinds of helps because they don't think/process the way most other people do) I wonder if your 11 year old may grasp it better from having had any experiences at school with other kids who may have different kinds of problems. If not, a basic education of what Aspergers is may be the most helpful, as well as giving your kids suggestions about how to best help their brother.

They may struggle more with getting time with and attention from you. You sound like you have a lot on your plate with work, school and a special needs child...make sure your neurotypical children have special time with you also. And yes, family support... be careful not to stretch yourself too thin.

Does he qualify for any kind of services? Early Intervention would work with mainly him...but I wondered if any kind of in-home therapy--or even a few sessions of family therapy--might help your family unit as a whole adjust to all that is new, provide an opportunity to communicate and learn about his diagnosis and give the siblings a role in helping things move forward. Just a suggestion. I hope all goes well for you!

Emily - posted on 07/13/2012




Hope you have support from family...and be aware that most special Ed programs do the minimum required....I was in the field

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