how can I calm my daughter down she is just to busy and help her concentrate

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Meleney - posted on 07/11/2013




Hi my daughter Tayla is 9 years old but very talkative and hyperactive but also very scared for a hidings which she dont often get. What can i do to help her pls?

Sheri - posted on 11/02/2009




Do you think you can give more information on what exactly you mean by your daughter being busy? And maybe give additional background information on the issue itself?

How old is your daughter?

How long has this problem been going on?

Is it only during certain times of the day, or during/after certain activities?

What interventions have you tried?

What is her diet like? (Too much sugar or too many processed foods have been associated with problems of hyperactivity in many children, which is why I ask.)

What is her sleep schedule like? And how is she sleeping at night?

Does she nap during the day?

Could her environment be too stimulating? Or perhaps she is lacking enough stimulation?

What has changed in her life lately, or since this issue has been going on? (Children deal with stress very differently than adults do, so this could be a reaction to some kind of big change or life stressor.)

These are just a few questions I find myself wondering from your post. Perhaps if you provide more information, other moms can better assist you with this issue. FWIW, as a psychologist, I would advise against considering medication as a first-choice option. Medications can be very helpful for such issues, but it is important to rule out a lot of things before considering such an intervention. It can be very complicated to medicate a child, because of their rate of growth and how they metabolize drugs. Often, it can take a while to find the right dose of medication. So it is not as simple as just having her take a pill. (I do know that is not what others were suggesting, but I just wanted to mention that it should really be considered only after other solutions have been tried.)

Hope that helps a little! If you can give more information, I'm sure there will be other suggestions.

Margaret - posted on 11/02/2009




Good morning, Binneesa. I can't tell from your message how old your daughter is or what the behaviour is that is most challenging but have you considered the idea of food sensitivities? I transformed the behaviour, learning and health of our 4 grown kids by removing the offending foods. It made a HUGE difference. Please have a look at my website at and dowload the sheet labelled signs and symptoms of food sensitivities. Perhaps she has other symptoms that you don't connect as food related. I offer free, 1 hour consulations so if you would like to chat a little more about it, please send me an email at I am nurse, a life coach, a mom of 4 grown kids and a nana to two little boys.

I hope you will give me a call as I am sure I can offer something to make things easier.


Elana - posted on 11/02/2009




I think you should find more activities she enjoys, depending on her age maybe more physical activities like a jump around club or little gym. Medications should be your last option.

Robin - posted on 11/02/2009




Please do not medicate your daughter unnecessarily! There may come a time during her school age years for specialized testing to see if medication is necessary, but for the most part providing a combination of stimulating activity to express the excess energy with, as Christine suggested, calm and quiet environments when focused energy is required should take care of the problem. In addition, pay close attention to the additives in her diet. My daughter had severe energy reactions to ketchup and fruit roll ups! Keep her on healthy, natural foods, give her a chance to run and play outdoors to work off the energy and quiet her indoor environment. She will learn to "leave the silliness on the playground".

Vui Hin - posted on 11/02/2009




There's a possibility that she's a hyper-active, type. I am really sorrry I don't know how I can be of help. If you're a Christian, pray and surrender everything inGod's hand...I think that will help.

Carol - posted on 11/02/2009




Im finding it a bit hard to answer this question without knowing the age of your daughter.
I know that my son (who's only 11 months) is EXTREMELY busy and I cant hold his attention for very long. but this is normal of his age and pretty much until the age of 5 or 6. so if your daughter is anywhere in that rage I wouldnt suggest anything doctor prescribed this young.
as some of the mothers already said, you've just gotta slow things down. always remember your voice is a good indicator of the 'mood' and she will play off that. so stay calm and use a more on the quiet side tone and pitch while talking to her.
trying starting a routine of 'quiet time' where she knows this time is only for book reading, quiet singing, etc.
I bet you, she's most likely just a really happy go lucky girl. :) have patience and just slow things dont and I'm sure she'll do the same.
good luck to ya :)

Charlie - posted on 11/02/2009




Well, from experience, I have tried "meds" that dr's have put my oldest one on, they made her drowsy to the point that she was sleeping more than she was awake, so I tried alternate methods and took her off "meds". I let her run around and play outside for an hour or so, then let her come inside to do homework, she usually does her work. So, that works, and for times it don't have something special for a "reward" if she gets her work done in an alloted amount of time, if she doesn't, she won't get the "reward". I find this about the most affective way to calm her down to keep her "focused". It has gotten harder since she's gotten older, but I don't like the effects of the ADD/ADHAD meds have had on her in the past. Sometimes, just a simple 1/2 coffee/1/2 milk with 1 tsp sugar in a regular cup, even works better...caffine has the opposite affect on kids with ADD/ calms them down better than anything and doesn't make "drowsy", just as it doesn't "wire" them either.

Suzanne - posted on 11/02/2009




I have never heard of calm child, i have a son of 4 and he is a very hyper and bad behaved child, i don't agree with any sort of medicine as he is to young to diagnoise with a/d/h/d i asked my doctor if there was anything i could do he recommended a club called abc they have them all over, i was informed that some children are just so clever at that age that there mind is not stimulated enough and thats how they express themselves, write down the daily diet intake also was something i was to do, some children react to somethings that you might not realise like for example diluting juice and things, if all doesn't work please seek professional help, good luck with it all :)

Amanda - posted on 11/02/2009




i agree with the calm child.....i love it it doesnt make my daughter "drowsy" or anything and it helps her be calmed and focused on her school work. you should be able to get it at ur local health food store.

[deleted account]

I am going to assume your daughter is under age 6 or about. She might be over stimulated by her environment. I would suggest the following:
1. Turn off the TV and the radio for most of her day. Limit TV to DVD's (because there are no ads) that have peaceful and gentle themes. Music, again - no ads, that is meant specifically for young children or a calm classical selection can be played, but at a low volume.
2. Limit her toy selection to 8 or 10 activities.
3. Remove the batteries from any of those toys. Who needs all those flashing lights and high pitched noises?
4. Be sure to include drawing materials and books in the toys selected.
5. Be sure she is getting enough sleep. Children who are over tired often have frantic behavior just to stay awake.

If changing her environment doesn't slow her down after a few days, a visit to the doctor is in order

[deleted account]

I agree with slowing everything down. Is it physical busy or mental? You could try a guided meditation CD with her - try putting it on when she is going to bed. There is one my friend uses for her daughter called "Child Calm" by Rick Collingwood that came recommended for kids with busy mind, trouble focusing or ADD/ADHD :)

Leisa - posted on 11/02/2009




there are some medicines that u can get from the chemist some are natural and some have to be precribed by a doctor. the best thing to do is slow everything that she has to down some my partners son is autsic and has some itellectiual impairments so we make him slow everything down and give him a be calm medication that is over the counter from the chemist and it has helped and the best thing to do is be pateint by the way how old is ur daughter.. i might have more advice i can give if i have more details ....

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