How can i convince my 28 years old daughter to give up her disrespectful boyfriend for me?

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My 28 year old daughter has a boyfriend who works in the same company.We have been arguing about this for months now but she keeps on defending him and been asking me to give the man another chance but i have given him a chance the first time he disrespect me but he did it again so I don't want to give him anymore chances because he didn't value the first chance i gave him so why would i give another one."Once is enough twice is too much." But our mother-daughter relationship has been terribly affected already and i don't know anymore how to make my daughter realize he's not good for her and there are so many fishes in the ocean but her mother is just one. Please help... Thank you so much.


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Wow, are you seriously that much of a control freak? Your "kid" is 28. She's an adult! Do you still force her to live at home, and choose what she dresses in too?

Back off, mom. Let your adult daughter live her own life. You don't have to like her choices, but you do have to let HER make them. And just because you feel "left out" and that she's "disrespecting your wishes" doesn't mean that it's true. In fact, you are disrespecting HER!

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The more you try and control her life the further you push her away! She's 28 and it's time to let her live HER life without interference from you!!!!!
Look at the other way, YOU only have 1 daughter and you need to step back before YOU do too much damage to the relationship between you that you lose her forever.

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Are you kidding me? You are asking how to interfere in your daughter's life? SHE IS 28 YEARS OLD!!!! Stop trying to control her choices.


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At 28 if she chooses him, its only because for some reason you think you can dictate a choice. I suppose you want to dictate every other aspect in her life.

No one said you have to be nice to him, or not pull him up there and then when he is being disrespectful, but what you cant to, is expect someone else to make choices, because YOU want. Time to cut the strings and see how all that parenting has worked out for you. It may take you to stop fighting your daughter over this guy, for her to even see him for who he is. Take you out of the equation and if he is still a buttocks, then she will see its not just you.

Step back, she is 28, your job is done

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